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A highly versatile, flexible and all encompassing superlative used to indicate the quality, extent or some other subjectively measurable characteristic denominated in terms of "jooce". All things can be described in terms of joociness. It is this versatility that is probably it's greatest asset in everyday parlance.

Standard adjectival and adverbial suffixes can be applied. For example, joocy > joocier > and joociest.

Furthermore, in the written form, levels of jooce can be indicated by the addition of extra o's. For example, "joooooooocy" is much joocier than just "joocy". In the spoken form an elongated 'oo' sound to achieve the same end.
Example 1:
Rumoured to be heard by a Royal Guard at the London 2012 Olympics.

Queen Elizabeth II: "One can only believe that Jamaican runner Mister Bolt is the joociest athlete of all time."
Princess Kate: "One could only agree ma'am, and one would also go further to wager that he would give the stallions at Royal Ascot a run for their money in the sausage department. Nomsayin?"

Example 2:
Marcel: "Hey brah you should have seen Hannah's joocy gape after the late night BBC news edition."
Javier: "Gapers gonna gape brah."
by Lifestyle Specialist January 10, 2014
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