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Adj: To define one as being pleasant or appealing in the realm of aesthetics. Typically used to describe someone who frequents the gym on a regular basis and takes care of their appearance. To achieve this description, one should take pictures of themselves immediately after pumping iron and proceed to post said pictures on your favorite social media website. Any use of the term other than to describe a shredded male is incorrect and should be frowned upon.
1. "You look so Fawkin Joocy Brah. No Homo"

2. "Have you seen Zyzz's serratus? My god it looks so Fawkin Joocy"
by greenek December 23, 2011
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an arm motion made during intense moments of musical euphoria, defined by the outward thrusting of the fist and flexing in-between repetitions. Usually done in groups of 3 or more. Can also be done inside a moving vehicle for extra style points and honks from random females
1. The beegees techno remix is on... it's fist pump time!

2. At the club, John likes to fist pump his way to the dancefloor

3. The guido fist pump is part of every successful man's nightlife
by greenek January 30, 2008
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