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Jongho is the youngest member of Korean boyband "Ateez" he is extremely talented singer and has the strength of hulk which can tear part fruit with his bare hands.

he is the most adorable little thing ever and also is extremely handsome
Atiny 1: did you see what Ateez posted last night

Atiny 2: yeah about Jongho ripping that apple to shreds

Atiny 3: yeah he's such a hulk
by 127milesfromnct January 15, 2019
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Jongho is part of a group called Ateez and is the most adorablest thing ever he has a cute gummy smile and can also part fruit in half while singing
Wow look at how strong jongho is.
Jongho is such a cutie:
by Babystay_07 January 22, 2020
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a member of a kpop boy group called "ATEEZ" the cutest maknae but at the same time the strongest maknae ,baby boss ,many fruits afraid of him but mostly apple afraid of him ,vocal kings yeahh that's our Choi Jongho ,the most precious person that we need to love !!♡♡
by teeztiny8 June 28, 2020
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strong ass baby boy. he can make you cry with his beautiful voice and smile. but he can crack your skull open with his bare hands. he is apart of a Korean boy group called ATEEZ.
by waveftw June 10, 2019
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jongho is the maknae of 4th gen leaders of kpop (as stated by the korean ministry of culture, sport & tourism) , ATEEZ.

he is an amazing performer with a golden voice, he's cute, charming and strong.
ATINY: Jongho's so talented. Did you hear that G#5? He did that!

ATINY: Yeah, he did that. And his dancing skills? Amazing. I have no words.
via giphy
by MKTSU0H on twt January 04, 2021
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