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1. A boy who is both beautiful and athletic.
2. A boy who is extremely comical and often times silly. She usually says things like "YOU CRAZY" or "HELLO."
3. A good friend to listen, to care, and to goose you as well.
you are such a jomari.
by momma yo December 30, 2007
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A real nigga that goes to KR he is also trash at 2k, fortnite, and rainbow six siege. Has a very short temper and will get mad at you easily.
Aye that’s my nigga Jomari
by jomari February 14, 2019
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A small young man good at videogames attractive and is good with relationships.
And he is also a loyal man.
Jomari is a loyal man.
by Real Deffinition June 03, 2018
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a quiet guy that may it seems but he is just waiting for the right moment to join in any conversation.
this guy is handsome and catches the eyes of beautiful women anywhere he goes.
a charming guy that goes well with almost anyone mostly beautiful women.
'that guy is such a jomari, that everytime i stare at his cute face he catches me and smiles back"
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by riki04fu April 12, 2019
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Jomaris is a very unique girl. She has long hair and beautiful personality. She is surely Hispanic. If you get Jomaris mad, she will forgive you. She’s caring and patient.
I wish my best friend was like Jomaris
by Bxby.angel February 18, 2019
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