sex with a prostitute...
not real sex, its fake sex...

sex for money

like hand me down sex
Dude i just had sex with a prostitute

That's not sex, thats "joke sex"...
by blthrskt April 24, 2009
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The entirety of Urban Dictionary.
Dude: Ima search something up
5 minutes later: *sees a sex joke*
Dude: What the hell is this shit?
Me: Sex jokes. It's the entirety of Urban Dictionary.
by HellInferno November 8, 2021
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A joke about sex. ( Ever watch Family Guy? )
Heard of that guy named Dick who lives in Virginia?
( get it? Virginia? Virgina? Dick in Virgina? ) Sex joke.
by ilikefuturama July 31, 2007
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