noun: the whitest person known to man.
adjective: something so white its almost transparent.
person 1.) "Did you see johnboy?"
person 2.) "No, I lost him as he passed the white wall."
by well pretty much yeah September 6, 2010
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an act of general clumyness see also spacker
you just knocked over all the pints on our table - what a johnboy thing to do
by a good friend of jb November 23, 2006
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Having an elevated level of self confidence for no reason. Interrupts any story you tell just to point out how he did that better.
"Yo this dude came up when I was doing a shot and interrupted me to tell me how my drink choice is retarded then started a fight what fucking johnboy"
by Pumagriff June 8, 2018
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Referring to the first names of the 2004 John Kerry and John Edwards presidential ticket.
I'm not crazy about Bush, but I'm not sure I'll vote for the Johnboys, either.
by Missy August 24, 2004
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