3 definitions by Pumagriff

Having an elevated level of self confidence for no reason. Interrupts any story you tell just to point out how he did that better.
"Yo this dude came up when I was doing a shot and interrupted me to tell me how my drink choice is retarded then started a fight what fucking johnboy"
by Pumagriff June 8, 2018
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When two men get there cocks stuck into a Chinese fingertrap and then struggle to escape from it until they orgasm simultaneously
"Yo Tyler, Kiefer and I got super drunk last night and were fucking with these Chinese fingertraps. Next thing you know we were balls deep in a brojob."
by Pumagriff April 28, 2018
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When someone bums from you all night; then also steals from you
So I went out drinking with Brad last night and had to pay for drinks the whole time. Then that fuck stole my darts when he left. He mcgott me last night!
by Pumagriff January 26, 2018
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