OHH man did you see that guy's fish tits they were AWESOME!!!!!!
by The Triangle October 26, 2007
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A phrase which can be used just about anywhere.

Also, the tits of a fish.
"How are you today fucking?"

"Did you write that paper yet?"
"Yea, I did it fish tits ago."
by Meats April 11, 2007
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Substitute for the word shit when frustrated or shocked
1) Holly Fish Tits!!!
2) Aw Fhish Tits.
by G Man April 18, 2005
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A mean bitchy “friend”, usually a girl who
Is an awful person and only cares about herself. Mostly unliked by everyone around her and is super manipulative.
Omg Hailey I’m so sorry Eleanor did that too you! She is such a fish tit !
by Pancake007 June 21, 2019
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a step beyond a cleavage poke. Where a guy trys to get under a woman bra and grab some naked tit.
by Deep blue 2012 April 18, 2010
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The act of trolling around on sites like chatroullete and Omeagle, asking women to bare their breasts.
-An example of tit fishing

Oh man, bro, last night Fred and I tit fished for like two hours!

Wow! Did you catch anything.

A couple bites, but we didn't land any.
by ArcaneAnouki May 9, 2011
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