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A term coined by Raf Fagsmith, the legendary 18th century explorer, used to describe the coats of grizzly bears he encountered while pioneering the Westcoast of what is now U.S.A. The term combines words from two different cultures; the now archaic European insult "Jew Bear", and the Native American legend Jubhair
"Jobhair... Finest fur this side of the atlantic"
-- Richard Nixon
by Baggage Rash June 07, 2004
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'jobhair' originated in north london as a combination of many words. The two main words are jobe and jubhair. Jubhair is an abrreviation of 'ginger pun hair', so in essence, jobhair is a combination of someone with ginger pun hair and also a jobe.
raghav: Yo wassoup jobhair??
jobhair: Allow dat man, look at meh jobe
raghav: das sik!!
by Rafag June 06, 2004
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Not many know that the word 'jobhair' actually was frequently used in the 18th century. A carpenter named Joe Bear from North London branded himself a buffoon as he managed to trip, and fall up a flight of stairs. Thousands of people were in hysterics once they found out. However, falling up stairs became more common, and someone who falls up a flight of stair would often laugh and say 'i've done a Joe Bear!'.
In the 19th century however, school children misunderstood the meaning of a 'Joe Bear', and began looseley using the term as an insult. over time the meaning was lost, and so was the spelling.

More recently, as the first families where men had 'jobes' finally were exposed people connected the insult 'jobhair' to the type of penis - a 'jobe'. And to add, the families which passed down jobes to the younger generation, all had females with ginger hair - as you can see everything seeminly connects. However, we know the true origins of 'jobhair' and we musnt ignore them.
incorrect use:

stefano: "look ma jobe bled!!! check it yeh!"

Correct Usage:

*after falling up a flight of stairs*

18th century man: "oh, hah hah, ive done a Joe Bear!"
oter 18th century man: "Ah yes, so you have"
by Beardo June 06, 2004
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A decendant of the infamous 'jubhair', or 'jewish bear'. With it's closely cut, yet ever glossy coat and stunning beauty, the jubhair is a national treasure situated in North London.
"Hey Jubhair last night I went speed-dating at a seafood buffet and pulled a mussel."
by Akshash June 06, 2004
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