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...•°۩ J0___ñ___Ξ Ξ ۩°•...
The shortest
word i know is
The sweetest
word I know is
And the person I
never forget is
.๑۩۩.INDIAN BABES.۩۩๑.
♥it's a friendly chat group♥
◄═♦▒♞THANK ☆ YOU♞▒♦═►
JITU is friendly,kind & handsome....
by jonee32190 January 10, 2012
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Abbreviation for jacking it to unwind. The act of masturbation to relieve stress or relax.
I had a really rough day, I can't wait to get home and just JITU.
by LeekGad May 22, 2018
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Jitu is a short ugly ass roach who should be exterminated immediately. It was created by the making of love of the devil and a anorexic chicken.
We gotta hide from that jitu over there
by Your maaaaamaaaaammaa May 21, 2019
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In all our time together You’ve come to mean so much to me You are my best friend
My life and all my dreams You give me hope when I’m all out You are my pick-me-up
When I’m feeling down You make me feel good about myself There will never be anyone else
For the rest of time To love me like you do And for me to love too The way I love you.
You mean the world to me You are my soul my spirit My everything

Our relationship started 10/08/2011 but our love grows every day more and more, you're my best friend, my accomplice in mischief my boyfriend my husband and my lover beside you learned what true love means and there is no distance , time or others in our lives that can separate us or off the eternal flame of our love

I love you and I will love you forever

Jitu you are The best man of this world
by MonykaJitu February 09, 2013
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