The testicles or sack. This may sometimes include the penis.
Shaggy: Like, I just got hit hard in the jinkies.
by Like, Gee Scoob February 06, 2018
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a word whose use is exclusive to the cream of the crop. only the coolest people use this word in everyday language x
"dude, my sisters dog projectiled all over my suit this morning so i rocked up 45 mins late to my interview"
by belle1024 May 19, 2021
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Ill say it plain and simple. It is your penis. That's it. In Scooby doo they just yelled jenkies instead of dick.
Girl, I wish you would just suck my jinky already!

So you like my jinky?

How big is your jinky? Mine is 4 inches when erect.
by Well,oof May 10, 2018
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When a girl is tugging on your penis. ( flacid or half chubbed) and the girl starts making noises of a trombone.
Friend: Hey man where you playing the trombone last night in your room.

Man: No that was my girlfriend giving me a jinky trombone.
by Dswag5854 October 14, 2018
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