Jewish In Business Only. A person who uses their Jewish faith to improve their own position in business with little regard for the basic tenets of Judaism, especially those relating to charity, equality and kindness to all.
Dom: I thought Ivanka Trump was supposed to be an advocate for women in the workforce but her actions speak otherwise.
Moishe: Bro...her actions speak to the business community not her religious community. Sheโ€™s a JIBO until proven otherwise at this point. Michael Rapaport was rightโ€ฆ.itโ€™s a shanda!
by C. Blanche DuBois September 05, 2017
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adj. Jibo represents the spirit of an individual that intices them to get wild and crazy. not giving a fuck bout anything getting crunk to a point beyond any kind of logic.
by botittlywildnigga August 13, 2006
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Jibo is another word for Jibbit or Weed. It's very popular in the east of switzerland.
Guy 1: "Ey bringsch mo no en fuffi Jibo"?
Guy 2: "Voll easy"

Guy 1: Hey, can you bring me 5g ganja?
Guy 2: Easy
by Ganjafarma February 02, 2013
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