Just Googled. When a friend announces some random thing like you should already know it but you don't so you have to Google.
by Notsan1 September 16, 2021
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The gaming abbreviation of Jeff Goldblum, typed or yelled when you are in danger and need to be saved.

Like that time in Jurassic Park when Jeff Goldblum saved that dude by waving a flare around to distract the T-Rex.
Player 1: *attacked by a hoard of zombies in L4D* "JG JG!!!!"

Player 2: "Hang in there!"
by rxwxtxfallenx May 22, 2010
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JG, otherwise known as Juicy Gossip. Used to describe gossip that is particularly succulent, often concerning specific individuals.
OMG did you hear the JG about Nick and Rachel?
by boffintim June 15, 2010
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acronym for 'jolly good show!'
friend 1: What's the plan for tonight?
friend 2: Just made a res for pizza at 7, be over soon
friend 1: jgs!
by OGbrit September 17, 2016
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Jealous Girl. A girl who is only a friend of a guy, yet is totally jealous of any attention he gets from other women.
DHG is so hot!! Too bad JG keeps mean mugging me, every time I want to talk to him!
by MeNeverU April 14, 2010
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To take load off the way too used abb. LOL, JG will work for the normal smile, so LOL can be used for its real purpose, being the times you actually laugh out loud. JG then meaning Just Grinning.
Person 1: So he dropped it in my coffeecup..
Person 2: JG.
by Knuti June 9, 2006
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The verb of Jew. To be cheap.
Noun version, JG abbreviation for Jewgen aka Jew.
Why am I paying for two rounds in a row of drinks, you are JG'ing me!
by benoitbarnes December 7, 2008
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