A woman who is probably set for life financially, not because of her music career, but through capitilizing on her disgustingly anencephalic stupidity. She makes Dubya look like Enstein.
Dick: "Think I'll go kill some brain cells".

Harry: "You gonna sniff some glue with me?"

Dick: "Naw, man. I'm gonna go watch "Newlyweds" on EmpTy V.
by Aw Yeah August 3, 2004
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The only person alive that can't see the difference between chicken and tuna.
*Jessica simpson eating 'sea chicken' (tuna)*
Jessica: is this chicken or tuna?
Nick Lachey: omg..
by Weapons of no mass destruction September 9, 2006
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The better Simpson. So what if she's dumb, at least she isn't a poser like ashlee.
Jessica Simpson: This says baby food. Is it food or is it baby?
by Angelacia May 1, 2007
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probably the dumbest living fuck on the face of the earth. she is only famous because she is "hot" as told by my friends omar and joe.
jessica simpson: it says chicken of the sea, but i thought it was fish, which is it?
by thegfofjoe May 9, 2006
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an individual who has been terribly sheltered for too long. her parents still run her life, especially her father (who seems rather suspicious and creepy). she has also been spoiled, but not to a point that would ruin her personality.

jessica simpson is often credited by magazines for being one of the most attractive women in the world. unfortunately, a lot of INDIVIDUALS beg to differ. while she was blessed with a very good body, her face is not too attractive and she requires heavy makeup to bring emphasis to her eyes instead of her nose and squared jaw.

her voice is great but not exactly put to good use as far as music goes, having the back beats destroy the way she flows.

her hair is platinum blonde, much as any other pop star's. she seems quite a bit like almost all of the girls that one sees nowadays on networks such as MTV and VH1's top lists.

her intellect is questionable. televised, she seems to have the personality of a rock and a brain the size of an aspirin. whether this is an act or it is realistic is a good question.

if it is an act, she is very disrespectable for putting on such a derogatory show in order to make money, for it does not just disrespect her, but also the female gender.

if, in fact, she really is that dumb... well, i'd blame her parents for focusing more on her celebrity life than her brain, for she seems like she has the potential to be at least moderately smart.

jessica simspon, in my own opinion, is overrated and highly ANNOYING. however, many males (as well as female fans of her music and role as daisy duke in the recent production of "the dukes of hazzard") will beg to differ that she is a "blessing" and a "gift from god." that's actually just their erections talking.

jessica simpson kind of gives girls a bad name, idea, and self-image with her "innocent" personality paired with her risque behaviors/photoshoots/etc. she is slowly becoming lindsey lohan-esque.
average male: jessica simpson is gorgeous.
average female: ... *sadface*
by pandrea July 31, 2006
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plastic ass, nose, & boobs. jessica simpson is a plastic lookin bitch.
by nancytron G January 30, 2009
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