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very joyous friend, very nice, loves anime, candy lover, helps people who need help
Friend:Did you see what Jerwin did yesterday? He helped a old lady cross the street.
Me: Yes, he's very generous
by Nickenin February 01, 2017
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Memer Boi. Clan omega. Person banned by GuKingOfHeart, wanted to donate but got banned two days before.
by AFockingNigger October 26, 2016
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A man with a small dick, is asain and likes it from the back. Will most likely be a virgin until mid 20's and loves to fuck everything and anything in reach. Watches alot of Anime and Gay porn.
Me: Woah dude did you see Jerwin last night he was fucking the couch

Man: Yeah dude it was so radical gnar gnar bruh
by Anon238 May 15, 2016
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A boy who is loyal to his close friends gets in trouble numerous times and really really funny
Jerwin is a class clown
by InhaleMyFunniesssssssss March 18, 2019
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