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The kind of girl most men ACTUALLY want when they say they want a Nice Girl sadly.

Jerkels are very self-centered, manipulative females who see men as little more then a sexual conquest to brag about to their girlfriends or just objects that are there for their own personal pleasure. Use of social media is almost constant to "monkey branch" to the next guy hoping for a better result.
She is such a JERKEL acting like it don't stink.
by G.Horus Alltree June 11, 2018
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That guy that everyone knows who is a complete nerd. He is smarter than you, and he rubs it in your face constantly.
Jerk + SteveUrkel = Jerkel
Dude: That kid that sits in the front row of class always scores higher than me.
Chick: Don't worry. That jerkel will never get laid.
Dude: Sounds fair to me.
by FantanaSmith October 19, 2007
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1.v.To act suprised after prematurely ejaculating. Derived from the television character Steve Urkel who was constantly suprised by his own clumsliness.

2. n. semen that has been ejaculated some time during foreplay.
1. After he jerkeled she went into the bathroom and finished herself off with the shower head.

2.Looking down at the warm puddle of jerkel running down her knee he exclaimed, "Did I do that?".
by hategravy September 17, 2009
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