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When someone is by themself, and to pass time, jerks off as many times as possible in one day.
Dharshan:Chris you look so tired today. What happened?
Chris:Well, I was up all last night.
Dharshan:Chris! You gotta knock it off with all these midnight jerkathons!
by Chris April 21, 2004
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jerking off for an extended period of time resulting in multiple orgasms. A marathon of jerking off.
I had some time alone so I had a Jerkathon.
by W.C. Feelds 66 November 03, 2015
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When one Masterbates for hours until Hands, Dick/Pussy are sore. Prefribly done while watching porn.
Guy 1: Dude what happend to your hand?
Guy 2: I had this crazy jerk-a-thon in front of the tv this weekend, My dick is still sore.
by Fuckface unstoppable March 02, 2014
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