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A couple that says whatever they have going on is "complicated". They have confirmed that they have feelings for eachother and they are attracted to eachother. Of course, both deny they want to be together and claim that they are "bestfriends" with intimacy... They make a great duo. Tessa Brooks, Nick Crompton, Thomas Petrou, Ethan Wacker, and many others can agree on that. YES, IT'S REAL
Person: are they more than friends or what? Because they call eachother "bae" and stuff...
Other: no, they're a jerika ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿคž
by Anon person, ok? ;) October 17, 2017
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a good friend that you can depend on in times when you need comforting, and a bad ass partier!
What knid of party would it be without that JERIKA!!??!!

WOW! i feel so much better after talking to that JERIKA!
by Jerika : P February 24, 2007
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The most amazing sexiest funniest person to be around. When around her you feel so ugly just cause she's too sexy. An unreal partier who everyone wants to party with. Every guy wants her. She's the coolest person out there. Everyone wishes to be her
Why can't i be a Jerika?
by lawlsjbeaaar October 18, 2011
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Jake Paul and Erika Costell assume to be married but really there not they just do it for most of the times the views but 50% percent is real of jerika but the other half isn't real but they love each other jerika is the strongest forever couple out there stronger than Chessa just to let you guys know jerika is just dating but fake married
Jerika is the cutest couple ever Jerika mean Jake Paul and Erika Costell
by Kkenzie August 06, 2017
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Jerika, the meaning of two people named Jake and Erica who are in a relationship.
Yo man did you hear about Jerika at school?
by Auky July 11, 2017
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the sexiest couple that are super talented and truly an inspiration to everyone out there . everyone would die to have a relationship as cute as jerika's . Jake+Erika= jerika aka the cutest couple . a couple that sticks together through thick and thin and never BACK STAB each other . jerika is everyone's OTP .they are crazy in love but don't show it .
G1: look it's jerika

G2: i swear they 're couple goals
G3: whay more than goals , she's a model and he's so hot

G1: i know , they're so meant to be
via giphy
by fuckhoelissapurple April 23, 2018
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