Crazy lady with scooby snacks all the time that you can't decide whether it's a dog snack of whether it's edible. Very sexy lady with an amazing pimped out car! lol
She is like the sun.... super hot, Jennine!!! lol
by Jesus777 October 21, 2009
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when a juicy slobbering dog puts his tongue on his butt then his owner puts peanut butter on his balls and lets the dog lick it up until he gets an orgasm and catches the jizz in his hand. then he proceeds and pets the dog to get hairs all over his hand and then he goes to find his mom and wipes the fucking jizz/hair ball on her face to pay her back for yelling at him and beating and molesting him when he was 6 years old
omg mom! you're such a bitch. tonight when you're sleeping i'm giving you a jenninator!
by turtle October 18, 2004
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by Gungaann March 29, 2018
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A wench who can pass a national professional proficiency test in one single bound.
Whew, I thought it would take several attempts to pass that RID exam but man oh man, I jenninic-ed it !!!!!!!!!!!
by your best friend 40 June 30, 2010
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