the name of my best friend's black jeep. He has a really phenominal paint job and luxurious leather seats. Ride or die!
by black tiger bitch December 22, 2009
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two lovers that are perfect for each other. even if it don't seem like it at times, it turns out great in the long run.
"damn, that's an alexa and jemal type of relationship"
by 113001 March 21, 2016
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The name given to a guy with a large penis and is a passionate lover. Also given to an Aquarius.
Oh my god jemall gave me the best sex I’ve ever had!
by Atlantic Dick_ March 15, 2020
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when you eat an entire lemon out of a roasted chickens ass. class behaviour
bozo 1: “woah are you seeing this right now?!”
bozo 2: “yeah, he’s gone and done the Jemal™ “
by hooly April 27, 2022
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