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A type of sweet sold as far as I know just in England...they are alright - quite similar to fruit pastilles
I just ate a jelly tot
by ogaiy June 07, 2003
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A sugar covered gummy sold in Canada as well.
I bought a bag of jelly tots.
by Jai September 14, 2003
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a word to describe how much you love someone (but can only be used to finish of a sentence)
maddy: i love you lots and lots....
travis: like jelly tots
by ware345 June 10, 2012
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A young ladies nipples. In particular, the state of on a cold day.
Heavens to murgitroyd Nigel, its rather a brisk wind today. Can you see the state of that young girl's Jelly Tots.
by Martin austin December 30, 2004
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When a lady gets her period and she has little nuggets of blood, ie blood clots, that are thus named as jelly tots as the gentleman likes to chew on them and suck them like he would a lolly of the namesake.
As I ate her out, I smuggled a couple of jelly tots for chewing and sucking later at the movies.
by Gbanger the second May 08, 2010
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