Ed McMahon: "Good evening Walter"
Jeff Dunham(as Walter): "Shut the hell up!"
Ed: "How are you?"
Walter: "Don't you have some envelopes to lick?!"

Jeff(as walter)to John Kruk: "What do ya know, out of 3 million sperm, thats the one that got through!"
by CCFREAK January 4, 2008
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Another example of a great comedian being absolutely ruined by 13 year olds constantly quoting his routine in an effort to be funny. Also see Dave Chappelle.
13 year old: SILENCE! I KILL YOU!
Other guy: You know what the difference between you and Jeff Dunham is? You're not Jeff Dunham. So shut up.
by nighthawk41 January 7, 2010
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The Jeff Dunham - A sexual technique where you stick your arm completely up someones ass and work them like a puppet.
"Oh, look, the new seceratary just got The Jeff Dunham by the CEO. She's now a corporate puppet."
by tussin the dragon slayer October 25, 2018
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the ventriquolist who created Achmed the dead terrorist shown on YouTube and some American TV show
"Who created that funny video?"
"You mean Achmed the dead terrorist?"
"Oh that was a Jeff Dunham one."
by Kamikaze Watermelon January 12, 2009
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When a person fists someone so deeply he or she is like a puppet on their arm.
"Dude, my girlfriend fisted me so hard last night, I felt like a Jeff Dunham hand puppet."

"wtf Dakota..."

fist fisting jeff dunham funny Jeff Dunham-ing jeff dunhaming
by Swag Chair May 20, 2014
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A skit comedy variety show that features the ventrilogists and makes fun of American society and pop culture. Usually uses the "about right" humor and make fun of stuff such as gays, old people, rap music, gangstas, dumb redneck, and other subcultures. Pretty fun shit and usually has a lot of sexual slurs...which comedy show doesn't have on these day
You are watching the Jeff Dunham Show...
Achmed...I'll Kill You!!
by Kyle 230 November 27, 2009
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