funny dead terrorist who makes fun of muslims, jews, terrorists and anything else to do with the middle east
Achmed the dead terrorist: I KILL YOU!!!
by Nss191489 June 10, 2008
A funny show on YouTube and some American TV channel created by Jeff Dunham
"Hey, watch this video."
"What is it?"
"It's Achmed the dead terrorist."
"Oh I've seen that, dude. It's so fuckny!"
by Kamikaze Watermelon January 12, 2009
A puppet character by ventriloquist and lowest common denominator Jeff Dunham. The character is, a skeleton in middle eastern clothing. like most of Dunham's characters, "Achmed" is a broad strokes stereotype. Allowing Dunham to pick low hanging comedic fruit, and milk the pocketbooks of Midwestern racists.
"Okay, now that I've exhausted all the Mexican and "my wife is a fat whore," jokes. Lets get ready to get inflammatory by welcoming to the stage "Achmed the Dead Terrorist."
by CCRaZ July 9, 2012