1) intj. An expression of extreme surprise. Derived from "Jesus Christ".

2) n. A weird-ass movie.
1) "Jeepers creepers! He just shot my brother! ...my idol..."

2) "Dude, I saw Jeepers Creepers last night. That is one fucked movie."
by Fugerko.? December 24, 2003
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The name of a song sung by the great Louis Armstrong.

Also a horror movie.
Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers, jeepers creepers, where'd you get those eyes...
by Taradactyl January 3, 2004
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This has a 2 part meaning: Jeepers : The sensation of tequila running down your throat; Creepers: The hangover the next morning!
More specifically with the brand Jose Cuervo
Wow, that was quite a party last night, those Jeepers Creepers were flowing!!!
by Lilly Pops March 27, 2011
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2 of the most straight up gay shit that was ever produced. The director and actors should be crucified.
Damn bitch did you see Jeepers Creepers?
Yeah, why else would i be bleeding from the eyes?
by Bill March 14, 2005
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An old person word meaning, holy fuck! Or holy shit balls!
Old granny see’s a spider: Jeepers creepers that thing is huge!
by Funnygirlincanada March 30, 2019
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1) intj. Extreme surprise. 2) Given alcohol's effects of potentiating PCP, the hallucinatory experience when combining these drugs. 3) The combination of alcohol and PCP.
Allison went Jeepers Creepers the other night and had an out of body experience.
by Ziggy Orange April 8, 2015
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