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Jeanna's are usually fun & beautiful girls with great mindsets and large expectations. School and sports is a top priority. When it comes to love, they're the type to fall quickly & remain falling for a while. If you know a jeanna , you'd know that she doesn't have interest for guys who girl hop. She would usually be interested in someone who's loyal, nice & has the same school and sport mindset that she does. Jeanna's are loyal whether it's with someone they like or with family & friends. They are the type to wanna do something fun every minute of the day or go out but have really strict parents. If you have a Jeanna keep her, they really are a blessing & will catch you if you fall. Never sleep on her.
by WusspoppinG December 24, 2016
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Jeanna is very smart and stands out in any crowd. She is very sweet and can be very bold. She is simple and very nice. She is a friend you will never let go. Break her heart and you break her soul (never do it). She will be a very good mother, even if she doesn’t think so. She loves kids and is always around her. Jeanna is courageous and keeps her grades up. She doesn’t judge and is very honest.
Person 1: I wish Jeanna was my friend
Person 2: she will just ask her.... she is friends with everyone
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Classy, Sexy, go-getter. To be pampered & loved by a guy who can bring her to heightened pleasure, especially with the tongue
My man can Jeanna me any day or night.
by mommysis October 24, 2009
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cute little punk girl with a bitchin attitude and sick skills
Person 1-"did you see Jeanna the other night?"

Person 2-"yeah, that girl is SO punk"
by monkeyballsonyourface September 01, 2008
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Jeanna is a woman who knows what's up, and she doesn't play that ish. Jeanna stays above the drama and haters, surrounds herself with awesomeness that comes from within. Jeanna is a Goddess and one in a billion. If you ever meet her, you should just be quiet and appreciate her presence.
Man:"Damn, that girl Jeanna really knows what's up. Look at the booty!"
Woman:"Jeanna is sweet, and it was a blessing to meet her, and I know she feels the same likewise."
by IgnoringYewSilently April 02, 2019
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a person that is very stubborn and talkative.
Jeanna refused to come to the party becasue she had nothing to wear.

That girl must be a Jeanna her mouth never closes.
by Lexia Lutheruss September 01, 2008
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