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Jeanna's are usually fun & beautiful girls with great mindsets and large expectations. School and sports is a top priority. When it comes to love, they're the type to fall quickly & remain falling for a while. If you know a jeanna , you'd know that she doesn't have interest for guys who girl hop. She would usually be interested in someone who's loyal, nice & has the same school and sport mindset that she does. Jeanna's are loyal whether it's with someone they like or with family & friends. They are the type to wanna do something fun every minute of the day or go out but have really strict parents. If you have a Jeanna keep her, they really are a blessing & will catch you if you fall. Never sleep on her.
by WusspoppinG December 24, 2016
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Classy, Sexy, go-getter. To be pampered & loved by a guy who can bring her to heightened pleasure, especially with the tongue
My man can Jeanna me any day or night.
by mommysis October 24, 2009
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cute little punk girl with a bitchin attitude and sick skills
Person 1-"did you see Jeanna the other night?"

Person 2-"yeah, that girl is SO punk"
by monkeyballsonyourface September 01, 2008
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a person that is very stubborn and talkative.
Jeanna refused to come to the party becasue she had nothing to wear.

That girl must be a Jeanna her mouth never closes.
by Lexia Lutheruss September 01, 2008
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Jeanna a fake person.who tried too hard and sucks dick plus sheโ€™s a fat white try hard and no one will like her ๐Ÿ˜ฉ sheโ€™s can date a guy one day and break up with them the next and claim she will never date Again but was cheating on her ex with other guys :/ sheโ€™s just a sing fat whore who should die and shove her ukulele in her ass
Ew look at her,what a slut jeanna is amirite?
by SilentlyLovingYew November 14, 2018
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