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Acronym for "just date already." Used when two individuals are flirting or their friends think they should date.
Thomas: *posts instagram picture with Lauren* "Dinner with this loser"
Lauren: You put the worst picture up!
Thomas: You spilled milkshake all over me!
Lauren: gooby pls
Jennie: jda
by jhumpback November 07, 2013
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It's supposed to be the name of a global software company, but their software is so unstable and slow that it has come to mean "Just Don't Ask". As their default answer to all faults it to bounce the servers, it can also mean "Just Down the Application".
Operations guy: I see there's an issue with the software.
App Support owner: JDA (Just Don't Ask), amiright?

App Support guy: What are we going to do about this fault?
Low-level support tech with no idea: JDA (Just Down the Application) and see if it fixes.
by SomeoneWhoRespectsNathanFillon February 22, 2019
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Just dicking around.
"Go ahead and give me a call I'm JDA."
by You Would Say That March 15, 2010
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