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An acronym for Junior Classical League, aka Latin Club. The second largest club in America for youths (the first being Boy Scouts). An awesome club that allows you to accel in graphic arts, academics, service to your community, or just being a cool person.

Song ("The Purple and Gold"):
Seeking the best, the highest our goal,
working for greatness through glories of old,
searching the realms of the golden past,
we follow the classics' truths that last.
In knowledge, truth, and fellowship,
we're growing every day;
the friendly hand of JCL aids in every way.
In Rome's proud steps we're marching on
with every true colleague,
and forever we'll hold
the Purple and Gold
of the Junior Classical League.

We the members of the Junior Classical League,
covenant to hand on the torch of classical
civilization in the modern world.
We believe that an acquaintance with the
civilization of Greece and Rome will help us
understand and appraise the world of today, which
is indebted to ancient civilization in its government
and laws, literature, language and arts.

We affirm the JCL experience develops
responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes
enthusiasm, encourages competition, inspires
dedication, and enriches our total growth.
Person 1: "Oh, man, I don't do anything extracurricular. I know, I'll join JCL!"
Person 2: "Awesome! I'll do it too!"
by EmersonienEra August 16, 2006
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'Johnny Come Lately'

Used to describe glory hunters who have no integrity and follow the latest football team to win something, or people who join a forum and start spouting their idiotic views as if they own the place, what do they know about the blood that was shed or the sacrifices our forefathers made in order for that football team/forum to exist
All these no-history chelsea JCLs with their thick cockney accents having the gaul to sing 'your support is fcuking shit' when they themselves are bankrolled by a russian thief with a sell-out traitor C.E. and managed by a scruffy homeless portuguese gypsy

by Claudio Ranieri May 04, 2006
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