(adjective, adverb, interjection) awesome; coined by the Street Sharks action figures and cartoon show; alt. spelling jawsome

I did jawesome on that test!
by Diggs February 18, 2003
That of which exceeds anything that would normally be considered only awesome.
by Scott Sherick December 10, 2003
1.awesome with a j

2.jawdroppingly awesome

3.it's an adjective by the way
you jumped off a 20 story bulding head first, while burning andhaving you brain explode from shock?!

um yeah

by fittypence July 26, 2007
Well that's Jawesome (Well that is just awesome)
by VioletPawz July 24, 2014
For something to be Jawesome it must be at least 10 times better than something that is awesome. Also in order to be even considered as Jawesome, it must also be something that under normal circumstances would not be all that cool. It is a "thing" enhancer
This is going to be the most Jawesome, Jawestacular event ever in the history of Jawesimitude!
by thbc1391 May 3, 2011
Someone who has a very sexy/hot Jaw. Their Jaw is amazing and you wouldn't marry anyone who didn't have their jaw!
Josh Hutcherson is Jawesome!
by TripwireX March 9, 2012
A word coined by Eltoc before doing ulduar.

Jawesome means to be awesome, with extra J.
Jon: That fight was awesome!

Jack: I agree, it was very awesome.

Liam: Actually it was JAWESOME!!!
by Doneitbefore November 27, 2009