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a guy every hood has. everyone knows a jaquez.
aye there go jaquez! ik uk who im talking bout hoe.
by hoodratgangstabih June 03, 2018
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The coolest RA alive. Wears high heels on random occasion. Has a dancer's AWESOME body. Cutie patootie. Gives out free kisses and condoms. and lube.
Man, I wish my RA was Jaquez
by 4th floor girlie February 10, 2009
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Crazy ass musically gifted bitch, with eyes that make you melt amd a voice all his own not to mention the selfie skills
Jaquez is queen.
by RainbowSandwichmaker March 23, 2017
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retarded nigger at hudson's bay high school, blind in one eye, lazy in the other, looks like he had his head stuck in a vice, laughs like a frenchmen and says yeah alot.
Jaquez ran into a door because his eyes are all fucked up.
by Jt November 28, 2003
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