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Japtard is a slang used to express those rough western kids who probably never went to Japan but think they are Japanese. They speak some Japanese words they picked up in games and anime and are playing Japanese games in favor of all others to be l33t. Also, if you say anything negative about Japan you commit blasphemy and you don't know what you are talking about, cuz Japan rules and its anime, games and chicks are teh bestest! Most Japtards are found on Anime boards but also on game boards from sites such as gamefaqs, as I found out I got moderated for using the word Japtard. Germlamer is fine, canadweep too, Scandiloser.. Aussie.. but Japtard... NOOOOO!!!

You with your stupid japanese hitokiriblabla nickname and cool Kanji avatar = Japtard! GTFO!!
by R-typer October 16, 2006
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A stupid internet kid that uses bad Japanese to try and sound cool to their lamer friends, who are also inherently japtards.
"Stfu, japtard."
by KInstink64 April 26, 2005
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A short, Asian boy that is obsessed with video games and practices kung fu moves that he has learned through years of playing. Japtards usually talk fast and expect everyone to know what they're talking about when it refers to one of the 300 Final Fantasy video games they're playing at the moment.
That japtard just did a roundhouse kick. He's probably copying his favorite Tekken character.
by Mark Snicher April 05, 2005
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