Another word for "japoot" aka japette. A troublesome individual who likes to have things her way, no matter what it takes.
Japonica just cut me off, gave me the finger whilst blasting knife party.
by Jlynn89 October 12, 2013
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Accoutrements placed in the service of pampering a woman who protests IANAJ, while being pampered as if she were in the Tokyo Hilton.
Her dedicated copper coffee pot from the Tokyo Hilton, her velvet baby blanket, her monogrammed sterling spoon, breakfast brought to her bedside, at the precise hour requested, pillows fluffed, lap dog placed in her lap, temperature adjusted just so, the blinds opened to the precise degree, her phone charged, as she requests with a simple hand gesture, a personally-selected condensation of the morning's news delivered softly, these and more were her personal Japonica.
by Monkey's Dad May 18, 2020
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