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A Jannina is a girl who is not shy and very outgoing, however sometimes a Jannina will laugh at very awkward times creating a silence in whatever room she is in.
Person 1: Dude my dog died :(

Jannina: Hahahaha

Person 2: What a Jannina, laughing at the wrong times
by ansar September 07, 2011
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The most beautiful, sweet-hearted, stunning girl in the world with the best sense of humorr, best taste in music, and the body of a goddess. She'll make anyones world spin like never before and she'll be the best friend you could ever have, and more maybe if you're that lucky one. But more importantly, she's someone who would do anything for anyone and is the most selfless person you'll ever know. She has the most stunning, enchanting eyes you'll ever see and is graceful, charming and unforgettable. If there's one person's smile you'll remember forever, its hers. Basically she's mad hot, super cute, unbelievably gorgeous, and has the perfect personality. She's always super hyperr and brightens up everyones day and brings in a new energy when she walks into the room. She's definitely a keeper but be careful. once you fall in, its hard to get out. There's something about her. She wants someone she can trust, talk to, believe in, count on, and someone who'll always be there for her, no matter what. Someone who'll stand by her side and never hurt her. Someone who'll protect her, but let her do whatever she likes and won't restrict her from anything. She's funny as hell and loves to chill, kickback and enjoy herself, and she also does really weird things sometimes but they're always funny. She'll also stick by your side no matter what. She's an independent, strong woman :p she hot dawgss
"Damn yoo check her out"

"Holy cra*, looks like a fineass Jannina to me. hahaha"
by brownb April 05, 2013
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Someone of mexican heritage who usually doesn't speak a word of spanish. A creative female who often gives names to inamidiate objects.
"Hey Jannina, can you hand that eraser?"

"You mean Charles, sure!"
by Allie Kat hiya September 07, 2011
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