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A girl who is very outgoing and spontaneous she is loyal and often has lots of friends she is funny and tends to put others before herself
She helped a stranger today. She is such a janisha
by Funsize Girl October 30, 2013
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A very short but kinda tall pretty girl who had a good heart but she will kill you if you get into her bad side . janisha is mostly Puerto Rican or black , she is usually very chill and outgoing but she is a very very very shy girl , A janisha is a true friend and will be there for u anytime even if your someone who did her the baddest, Janisha has a lot of friends and a lot of people love and care about her , if janisha has a boyfriend she’ll do anything for him and people will think she is dumb for doing things for a man she loves but that how big of a heart A janisha has , her hair is always good and she dosent try to be others she dresses like her self and actes like her self ,A janisha is not really a fighting person but if she has to she will , a lot of boys want janisha but she will do anything for just one janisha is a very loyal girl and she is one of the best people you will meet
Friend 1: hey janisha is a VERY good friend you should try to talk to her

Friend2: I don’t know I don’t like good friends

Friend 3:your missin out because she is lit and good and very pretty

Friend 4 : she gotta nice butt
by Tifgang April 10, 2019
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