Usually very tall and doesn't like to be in relationships and when she does she doesn't like show off. When around strangers she tend to act like a goody goody but around her friends and she has low key already gone wild. Very reliable and nice and beautiful in her own unique way. But don't mess around her with cause she will choke the heck out of you.
Janea: here you can have my pencil

Teacher: thank you

Janea: *asks for a pencil from friend*
by It's_Ada838 March 29, 2017
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Honestly she is the best girlfriend anybody can ask for. She don’t entertain you a** dudes so stay out her dms. I started dating a janea 01-18-19 and I’ve been happy ever since they are really rare to find but when you find a janea you will know she cool asl goofy asl and loves seafood she is definitely not to be taken for granted so cherish every moment like it’s your last
Damn janea gone head and throw that back
via giphy
by Savage sexy boii February 09, 2019
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She's cute,funny,small, and adorable. She has a perfect smile, and some pretty eyes. She's also a Gemini stay at the way.
Damn, I wish I had me a Janea'
by DurableRun March 13, 2017
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Janea is the name my Daddy gave me. Janea was shrimp boat he worked. It was named after the man's daughter who died to young and to suddenly. I carry on her name with pride and hold my head high knowing I'm the best Janea I can be. We play hard and love harder. We are balls to the wall, no holds barred, joly terrors. We are also sugar and spice, soft as a babies breath, nurturing defenders of the weak and innocent. We are the total package. Appreciate your Janea and thank your lucky stars. The name is Hebrew meaning little bird.
Janea was not amused by your tomfoolery.
by Misanthropicnay July 20, 2019
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a girl who is very tall and lanky. she has no use of her body. she is cute and ugly at the same time. she has a very big head. she always has in the water jeans. and she has a relationship with a teacher. she always refers to herself as ' ThE qUeEn ' but she is really just a peasant
that girl janea pants are in the water.
that girl janea looking like a twig.

i saw that girl janea eating trash.!
by yourepseudonymm August 20, 2019
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