janajah……. she is a pretty girl ,she funny but don't know she funny SHE REALLY CRAZY !!!if you don't have a janajah in your life get one she will make your life better, she likes boys names that start with the latter ( J,A,I,M,T,) and she will be a nice girl friend she will do anything for you if you HURT HER YOU WILL NOT SEE DAYLIGHT EVER!!!!!! she don't know who to tell you how she feel she will just cry AND IF SHE LIKES YOU SHE WILL NOT GET OVER YOU EVER NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAY SHE STILL LIKE YOU and she will only have like 1-4 friends ( that's a real janajah)
you: hey janajah
by sallylilly August 14, 2019
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