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Someone who is very emotional but has a side that can be very funny and hilarious a very pretty girl with a nice body people make break her heart but doesn't let that get to her If u have a Jamyra don't let her go
"Damn Jamyra is sexy ", I would love to have that ."
by YASSS❤💕 April 18, 2017
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A queen with much heart and confidence . Also a great friend chooser and know who to stay by or away from. (Did i mention her prettiness.
by Bigwill123 June 18, 2018
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Ja'Myra's are very confident,and like to fight anybody who try's to get in her way PERIODTT. Ja'Myra is a very attractive person,Ja'Myra's are Very pretty and thick for their age.If you have a Ja'Myra then keep her and treat her very good and well. Ja'Myra's are also short but thick for their age.
Group of boys: Damn, Ja'Myra u thick and pretty.How young is u?
Ja'myra: I'm 13
Group of boys: Damn, Here go our instagram's.
by icemeout.myy March 07, 2019
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