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A girl who is beautiful and likes to keep things 100%. She dosn't mess around with boys if they don't treat her right. Her hair is always on another level of unique. And she could defienetly be a baller if she wanted to. Shes really outgoing and confident. Keeps her real friends close. And dosen't mess around when it comes to people talking bad about her!! ( had to make a definition for a name so unique )
Olivia: Omg did you see jamylas new hairstyle!!!

Taliyah: yassss it's so unique & pretty!
by Urban_dictionary_memes September 10, 2018
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Jamyla is one of the most bold and one word person if u had sum bad too say too her u will have to go though her friends because she’s the most popular girls at school.
Kim: I don’t like jamyla imma go tell her and imma fight that bitch
Jamyla group: no your not if u fight her u gotta fight all of us
by Jamyla February 19, 2019
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A sexy Sorority Chick that went to Pepperdine but secretely wants to be a rap star and make a song about hot fudge sundaes
That chick Jamyla is so gonna eat me a hot fudge sundae in her honor.
by AlejandraGBetta February 04, 2008
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