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The best friend you could ask for she has a great heart she's a loving person she is kamora's rod and she's loyal asf😘😘
Me: I got me a jakira

You: damn you lucky
by Shantale_baddie December 27, 2016
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Jakira I's a wonderful friend. She hides her depression to make other people's day. She is surrounded by her best friends. She loves to talk. She is misunderstood by the people she loves the most. She has the heart to love anyone. She has the biggest passion for sports. She will make you laugh.
Jakira is a great girl.
by Jakira September 23, 2018
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A loyal loving girl who always falls in love with the wrong person and always gets her heart broke she hides a lot of stuff behind that beautiful smile...she's also pretty,funny, mean, and always positive.
Jakira was so happy today
by Zyauna November 10, 2018
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