to screw somebody over, or to get screwed over in a BIG way.
Tom was supposed to get a large raise in pay this quarter, but he got jaked as it was given to Bob instead.
by trucker May 29, 2006
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1) Alternative for Owned
2) A problem relating to the internet, such as disconnection, problems logging onto a site, etc.
alt. Jakage
1) That kid on that bike just got jaked.
2) My internet connection was jaked last night.
by Jakage February 25, 2005
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to be promised help of some sort, but not actually be provided with anything.
Jill was working on the test plan for the new program revision, but it got jaked.

Bob burnt me a copy of the data, but I got jacked, the data was corrupt.
by chakkerz July 09, 2005
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adjective meaning someone who appears briefly and then takes off for long periods of time.
I wonder if he he'll be back. I hate it when he Jakes us.
by JVGR July 02, 2004
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When somebody steals your personal possessions.

When you go on vacation when you're about to move and your roommate goes through your newly packed boxes to find your play station which you told him before you left that he couldn't use because you had already packed it.
Man: What happened?
Girl: Why's your play station out here? I thought you packed it?
Man: I did !!
Girl: Man, you have been Jaked. :(
by TonyDungy January 17, 2011
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to be ripped off by someone without paybacks
That ho must have jaked my wallet while I was asleep!
by shane April 24, 2003
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When playing a game of cards and the cards/table need to be cleared, a member of the game will flick his or her hand at another player of the game, and that player will clear the cards from the table. Eye contact must be made in order for the rule to take effect.
Since I lost the last round of Kings, Michael jake-d me and I had to clear the cards.
by Mike Bandana September 24, 2010
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