Jaidon is the most amazing, caring, loving, funny, smart and sincere person in the world. Jaidon likes to play sports. When you see Jaidon in public, you instantly fall in love because he's that fucking hot. If you don't have a Jaidon then your life must suck. Jaidon is a person who loves all his friends, family and girlfriend. He can get a little hot headed once angered but is easy to calm down. He's good with the lady's and is always there if your going through a hard time. Jaidon is an incredible friend and partner who will care deeply for you and do whatever it takes to take care of you. He treats you as his princess and gives you his all. Jaidon is also extremely sexy and handsome; his body, his face and his hair are extremely hot. He makes you feel so good and safe. Jaidon is very trustful and truthful, he would never lie to you and they would never let you down.
Person1: who's that cutie?

Person2: oh him, his name is Jaidon, he's the most popular and cutest guy in school.
by oof.oof.lol December 17, 2018
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Jaidon Is a Good Person And A Good Loyal Friend But Don’t Fuck With Anybody He Cares For But I You Do Just Automatically Make Sure You Casket Is Already Digged Jaidon Is A Person Who Got Hands For Days Jaidon Sometimes Can Be Loud But If He Yelling That Means He Cares Jaidon Is A Goofy Weird Ass Individual But The Other Side Isn’t Far Behind To Pop Out.
O There Go Jaidon He Cool But Be Careful Who U Fuck With That He Cares For U Gonna Get a Rude Ass Awakening. Jaidon A Bad Bitch. Jaidon Got HANDS
by 215546 February 22, 2019
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One of the funniest people you will ever meet.Has one of the greatest personalitys there is.Isnt a stranger to women.Not bad at sports but isnt the best either.
Jaidon is so a good person
by Matresshooper October 23, 2018
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An amazing person with an amazing personality. She's super funny but super serious, too. Most of the time they're brunette. And super thicc. And HOT. and nobody compared to her. She's smart, too.
Wow, THAT'S Jaidon? She's so.... Perfect.
by shyneekwa November 25, 2018
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