a person that persists in acting in a manner that resembles one of an asshole or a douce. Usually someone that does not care about the others around him/or her, and thinks of oneself. Basically, if you see one slap them in their face and that will permanently label them as one. Usually the quote while slapping the jagweed is "Yoose a jagweed and i'm aint, bitch!" SLAP
Bill is truly a jagweed by not wiping his butt after crapping. So, I walked up to him and said, "Yoose a jagweed and i'm aint, bitch!" SLAP
by ajppds March 10, 2008
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A teenage boy who drives a VW Jetta.

see also: douchebag
Did that jagweed just say git r' done?
by MightyAsswind January 7, 2004
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1 - A weed imported from the northern parts of France. Typically jagged in nature.

2 - Someone or something that makes me want to shoot up a school.

See also:
dildo that slipped through the cracks
fuck head
"I'm gonna level with you, hes a bit of a douche. Total Jagweed."
by Sheldon January 24, 2004
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