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One who is Jacked off from behind while whacking one off from the front while being whacked on from the top and whackage occuring from the bottom, an all around jackwackage
man the other day i went over to angelica's house and got jackwacked by her and her mom...and dad
by Justin M. February 02, 2005
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Part jackoff and part whackoff.

Anyone that is being a jackoff that is doing something the equivalent of whacking off.
There's a guy in a tiger outfit drinking coffee and reading. We sit next to him and I look at him and say "grrrrrr".
He looks back with a blank stare like he has no idea what I'm talking about, then he realizes he's dressed like a tiger, and takes off his tiger ears and goes back to reading.

That guy was such a "jackwhack"
by Keith Wolff October 29, 2004
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Smart-Ass 1: In case you're average Joe Blow walks in-
Smart-Ass 2: Paired with Jack Whack?
SA 1: What?
SA 2: You know, Joe Blow's friend. Jack Whack!
by DJ Wicky Wazz September 25, 2010
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