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bets: "hey nic! do you know where i can find some horse semen?"
nic: " talk to izak."
by nic_rocks February 06, 2008
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The most coolest amazing boy ever created (:
he has AMAZING parties.
he is COOL.

He is just overall awesome :D
and my best friend <3
Hey look its an izak ^-^
omg im excited for his next party ;D
Alyssa: Oot <3
by tisaislife April 26, 2010
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When A Guy is quiet,shy,not as cool as everyone else but he doesn't have to compensate for having a small dick like everyone else because his dick is huge he is an Izak
Becky: Alex is such a loser

Sue: Well I saw his junk in the locker room and it is huge

Becky:I think I might just pay that Izak A visit

Sue: Not if I get there First
by Tiitbault April 14, 2009
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Izak, an amazing person. He will have everyone laughing. He's very compassionate and sexy. His smile will light up the room in seconds. Izak is usually a shy person but once you get to know them, their shell will break.
Bob: why doesn't that guy Izak ever talk?

Meredith: because he's shy but he is awesome once you get to know him !
by Thereality February 07, 2018
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