The most amazing person you'll ever meet. Mostly shy and stubborn, she's smart with a stunning body. She have the nicest ass any guy will see. She's there when you need her, and she always makes you smile.
Ivani is anything you ask for.
by Mivvii January 15, 2018
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an adjective used to describe a very cocky person, or someone who brags A LOT!
That guy brags so much about his basket-ball skills, he's so ivany!
by someone you know.... May 2, 2009
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Something you never wanna let go off
Yeah bro dont risk it shes a total Ivani
by Ayush Prasad October 7, 2021
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she's a addictive goddess.
she's a real badass and doesn't think twice before doing anything.
ma girl got a dangerous pussy so think a million times before u hurt her.
is hated for no reason.
everyone backstabs her and abandon's her because she is too good to them whom she loves.
all the girls envy her and want to be like her but they cant so they start hating her .
likes to keep a diary and secretly wants you to read it because she wants you to know how she is and what she expects from you.
loves basketball and is in burning hot flames while she's in the court.
bad at keeping secrets but not to those whom she loves.
she's so so so adorable, she'll get u dreaming about her.
this bad bitch got balls to speak to your face, basically straight forward.
is a lunatic.
obsessed with dead things.
needs attention 24/7.
cries on stupid things but tries to show that she never cries and is strong.
the literal queen of art.
veryyy childish if she's close to you.
plant obsessed psycho.
absolutely in love with kids and always looking forward to protecting them anywhere.
that's Ivani.
ivani is ivani afterall
by that girl u dont know September 20, 2022
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a shy and sweet bitch that falls in love with anyone that shows slight interest and becomes concerningly obsessive and is also just kinda crazy in general most of the time their quiet and can be cold hearted at times
ivanis always stalks her crushes on social media
by sasukesbihh.hh November 22, 2021
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Ivany is a boy who is funny,happy,cool,kind,annoying, and childish. When you feel bored, he will try to make feel alive. He talks non-stop and most of the time he talks nonsense. So if you have a certain Ivany as a friend then that's good and also sorry for you.
Ivany's cool but he is so childish, he likes to talk nonsense and act like a baby.
by Scranb November 30, 2019
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