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The hot flashes and sweats you get when battling a particularly bad hangover. These symptoms are commonly associated with female menopause.
Ryan: "Aren't you going to order food?"
Jim: "No, I'm fighting some hangover menopause right now. I don't think I could hold it down."
by ChristmasQ June 12, 2013
The action you perform with your mouth when making the journey from a woman’s nipples to her pubic hair. When performing an official Jaw Walk, you hold your breath between the nipples and pubic hair. A topic of debate is whether an official Jaw Walk has ever been successfully performed.
ChirstmasQ: “Uhleesha, has Lindypants ever performed a Jaw Walk on you?”
Uhleesha: “Not sure, you’d have to ask him
ChristmasQ: “I think you would remember”
by ChristmasQ December 17, 2010
Inner Thigh Rub. Rubbing the inner thigh of a woman who obviously likes you, but you adamantly deny liking back. An ITR is performed in public with limited attempt to conceal from onlookers. Frequently a second woman will become enraged with jealousy when witnessing and ITR and later spit insults about the ITR recipient to the guy.
John: "Eric that ITR on Janis last night wasn't very discrete"

Eric: "Yea I guess you're right. Terry saw too and got very angry with me. She asked why I would do that with such an ugly girl."

John: "Wow she said that? She must have been really pissed. Janis is pretty good looking."
by ChristmasQ May 20, 2011