word for "item" in l33t speak.
plural form is "itamz"
gib me itamz plz!
by Mecal May 16, 2004
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Item. Can be used in many ways, as a noun or adjective.
1) ogm d00d taht girl is sooo itam.
2) WFT WHO STOEL MY ITAM?!!?!?!?!?!?/1/
by Asiafan July 28, 2003
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Item Please.

Diablo II slang for: I'm a fucking newbie, will you please give me some items, O Godly One.

The term is used by many little bitches that can't defeat Nightmare Diablo.
Trevor: ITAM PLZ!
Demise: Hello, I Am 16 And I Still Play Diablo II. I Will Never Get Laid. Lolz. T.T.
Trevor has been slain by X-Sulfur.
Demise has been slain by Lord Phoenix.
X-Sulfur has left the game.
Lord Phoenix has left the game.
by Greg Baker August 14, 2004
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a kaka itam is something found in the schroet potti.
would you like to go to the SCHROET POTTI to KAKA ITAM? lOlo~!JoLz
by JOSHLET March 30, 2004
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