Abbreviation for the Institute of Technology, specifically at the University of Minnesota. Members of this group use codes like 1337 (leet) and 31337 (elite) to convey emotion. They should be avoided, as they are usually extemely nerdy. Exceptions include those of the Honors IT group, who are lead by Bob Peppin (God) and are not douchebags like those pricks in Carlson School of Management.
"My computer broke, so I got one of the IT guys to fix it"
"At least people drink in Honors IT"
"Honors IT; less asians than regular IT"
by viking February 21, 2005
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Someone who has asexual qualities. Someone who you arent sure about and cant distinguish their gender or sexual preferences. Most likely attracted to animals.
Rehmeyer is such an 'IT' he dosent even know if hes attracted to men or women, if hes male or female or if he even knows what sex is. He does seem to have a fondness for animals though.
by Sxnfben January 05, 2008
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A girl or a boy maybe a girl but it might be a boy you don't know unless they tell you or they show you their genitals.
"One time kaitlin used to be a girl now it goes by jeydon but it goes by both and wants to be treated like a woman but it wants to be called a man. "
by Yeeyeeboe May 08, 2017
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Perhaps the most uninformative 2 letter word, but often used as well.
Can you see it? it is in the water, it is scaly, it is green, it has sharp teeth. It gotcha.
by Lord_Nword February 27, 2003
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