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A phrase used when reciving a complement, is often used to avoid acqward moments. Or can be used to recive the complement in cocky fashion.
Girl: Wow I really like your hair.
Guy: Ya, it's what I do.
Friend: You totally sniped that dude.
Guy: Ya, it's what I do.
by Anthony Di Feo January 07, 2008
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Something that you find yourself doing repeatedly so it is your signature mark that is known by all
Yeah that was me who sniped you in COD4,It's What I Do
by Monoxide123 January 07, 2008
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A way to convey that what you do is far beyond the ordinary to others and at the same time mundane and boring to you..
It's what I does Aphrase used when being awesome but being humble.

Dude you just talked your way out of the drunk tank..

"Its what I does" no big deal
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by The Tankblock December 31, 2020
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