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A meme made by Pewdiepie, defining Isopod Hour as a replacement to the Tidepod meme. Very nice meme.
Bob:Hey, is it Isopod Hour yet? I need to get my Isopod on!

Jack:Hell yeah, I love Pewdiepie, let’s get our Isopod on!!!
by Phillip Petino May 03, 2018
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Ispopod hours are from 12:00-1:00,and during that time you're to love and praise isopods
Me:"Dude,its REAL Isopod hours!"
You:"this is why dad shot himself"
via giphy
by ohfuck.jpeg May 03, 2018
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When you look at your wrist and remember that you need to add cringy music to isopod videos
*looks at wrist*

It's isopod hour

by R1nova February 16, 2018
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