A common saying or phrase, incorrectly spoken in a way that makes it unintelligible but still recognizable; or in general, a statement that technically makes sense but is otherwise ridiculous and sometimes self contradicting.
ism: "You pay for the price." (Instead of "You get what you pay for.")

ism: "Cheap doesn't mean it's cheap."

ism: “We were on the same page, but the pages were somewhere else."
by Gman_Gunz November 29, 2020
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Isme is a beautiful girl who is thoughtful in many ways and she loves her friends and family. She is intelligent and amazing in so many ways. Makes people laugh all off the time with her wonderful personality. Isme is a slim brunette who is always up for some fun and when you get to know her she is just incredible and perfect!
by Xotoniox August 18, 2018
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The verb "ism" comes from the word autism, which is a brain development disorder that presents the person with the difficulty to communicate with others, thus the person preoccupies himself with objects on a long period of time. Isming means doing the same action over and over, repeating it without getting bored from it.
I am isming on T.V.
During the summer vacation i used to ism on T.V . for 12 hours straight.
Sorry, i was isming on the game, i forgot to call you!
I ismed on painting for 5 hours today, so i got to finish my masterpiece.
by Arpy Melkonian August 8, 2009
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Someone who does a distinctive specified thing so much, that they are now notorious for it. They are generally referred as a "their name"-ism.
President Bush mispronounces so many of his words that they are now referred to as Bush-ism's...
by Derb Derb September 11, 2009
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1. one's unique mannerisms
Don't make fun of my isms.
by The Real AJ June 7, 2007
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In a fraternity or sorority of the ethnic persuasion, an ism is defined as an individual that has the same position in line.
I love my ism! We're both rep that deuce deuce!
by greeky January 2, 2008
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"I jus' gunna get sun 'mad ism' and lounge for a week."
by Diego August 30, 2003
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